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The Mohs Procedure

It’s helpful to know what to expect before you undergo any surgical procedure. Because the Mohs surgery procedure for skin cancer removal is somewhat complex, it can be reassuring to become familiar with the treatment process ahead of time. Here, you can learn what to expect before, during, and after your procedure.

Before Your Surgery

Consultation with our Mohs surgeons prior to the date of surgery can clarify the specifics of your unique cancer, including the anticipated scope of surgery and potential wound management options. Some surgeries are coordinated with other skilled physicians, such as reconstructive eye surgeons. Patients familiar with the procedure can consult on the day of surgery.

We recommend:
Eat a good breakfast and take all routine medications. Fasting is not required.

Clear a full day for your procedure and make no other commitments, because it is difficult to predict how long it may take. Neighbor island patients visiting Oahu for surgery should schedule the last flight home.

Stop smoking as it can cause failure of reconstructions and increased complications
Do continue all blood thinners unless otherwise instructed. Stopping them could result in serious events like stroke. Bleeding complications in Mohs are rare, correctable, and have identical incidence among patients on or off blood thinners.

Bring reading material or plan to access our complimentary WiFi. A warm jacket or sweater and snacks are recommended.